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Ceria Zirconia Catalytic Converter Project


The internal combustion engine which resides in the everyday automobile is capable of producing toxic pollutants. These emissions are known to contribute to a slew of human aliments from watery eyes and irritated lungs to asthma and cancer.


Catalytic converters are all that stands between a society that depends on automobiles and the toxic pollutants that those automobiles can create. Since their introduction thirty years ago, catalytic converters have been under constant improvement. The modern day catalytic converter is a highly efficient device which employs technology that is not fully understood.


Catalytic Converter

We are attempting to unravel the mysteries of ceria zirconia catalytic converters at a molecular level through the use of cutting edge nanotechnology. Armed with an understanding of the catalytic converter at a molecular level, scientists and engineers will be able to develop an even better device.


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