White Balance

White Balance

You have to do a white balance before you begin your shoot. This is to ensure that you get the right color for your picture. White balance gives the video camera a “true white” reference and tells the camera what each color should look like. White light consists of all the colors and if the video camera knows what white looks like, it will know what all other colors look like.

Most video cameras have an automatic white balance feature. But it is preferable to set the white balance manually. To set the white balance manually:

  • turn off the automatic white balance feature and set it to manual.
  • point your video camera at a white object placed in the same light as the subject. You could use a white piece of paper or a white T-shirt.
  • zoom in until 80% of the frame is covered and set the exposure and focus.
  • press the white balance button.

Repeat the process whenever there is a change in lighting conditions, for example, when you move from indoors to outdoors (& vice versa).