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frontal view of a missionAn integral part of HBLI is the many programs the consortium sponsors or participates in regularly. These events are listed in our calendar if you wish to see if any are coming up in the near future.

One of the central features of the consortium is the training of change agents, which are our doctoral Fellows. The Fellows attend one of four universities: Arizona State University, New Mexico State University, University of California at Riverside, or University of Texas - Pan American.

HBLI also conducts school board workshops to educate school board members on issues surrounding Hispanic education and to help them affect change in their own school districts. So far we have held one workshop a year in five different states: Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas.

Similar to the school board workshops are HBLI's policy seminars in which legislators are informed of the issues and trained in how, tactically, to best address these issues and change the condition of Hispanics.

The Plática Distinguished Speaker Series brings experts to the ASU campus to discuss issues that affect Hispanic education. The outline of the most recent presentation is provided here.

The HBLI Scholars Program grew out of the Plática Speaker Series. The scholars share their expertise and wisdom with the Fellows by serving as mentors. They also meet once a year and are published as part of our Occasional Papers Series.

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