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Community College Leadership Academy






The Community College Leadership Academy at Arizona State University is dedicated to assisting community college institutions redefine their delivery of services to the escalating population of students from diverse origins and backgrounds by meeting the need for prepared staff.




The purpose of the Community College Leadership Academy is to provide leadership training to develop mid-level community college administrators (particularly persons of color and women) who want to serve this growing new majority population of students. 




The goal of the Academy is to develop proactive individuals who are future focused and flexible in program delivery to the new majority of diverse students by:


á      Providing professional development for those interested with a preference to persons of color and women

á      Providing information and skills about students of color

á      Providing assistance to community colleges in designing or redesigning so as to strengthen educational programs targeted to students of color.


Academy Elements


  • Two academies per calendar year
  • Each academy to be 3 to 4 days long
  • Intensive engagement (discussion, workgroups)
  • Pre- and post-reading and writing assignments via Internet
  • Each participant will be provided with a notebook, contents with handouts, power point presentations, overhead transparencies, etc.
  • Technology will be used extensively, e.g., Web page
  • Faculty to be drawn from recognized practitioners and noted scholars
  • Participants will be encouraged to continue contact with fellow participants, presenters, and CCLA faculty and staff for networking, educational advancement, and employment opportunities
  • Site locations of seminars may rotate to states with large concentration of potential participants
  • Site locations will be near airports (already suggested: San Diego, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Phoenix)


What is CCLA?


A.            To provide knowledge and skill to mid-level community college administrators in the areas of instructional programs, learning styles, and support services to better serve students of color.

B.             Why is CCLA important?

a.     Growing diverse student body

While we know through studies and pilot programs what works already

these new programs need to be structurally integrated, not as currently done, add-ons.

Additionally, the dynamics of integrating new services, programs, and learning styles into an existing structure is demanding and leaves little room for error. The CCLA will concentrate on developing competency so as to create an organizational agent for change.

C.             What it doesnŐt emphasize

This is not centered on preparing individuals for promotion.  Our philosophy is as an individual develops and shows capacity and competency in providing services to the new majority of diverse students, then such an individual will be sought after for greater responsibility and leadership roles.

D.            Benefits

Indirectly- networking, recognition which leads to promotion/greater opportunity

                  Directly- extended ed. credit, possible entry into a doctoral program


For who?


A.            Open to all who want to serve this growing, diverse new majority population.  However, the target groups are persons of color and women.

B.             The Demand

The growing need to have persons of color and women represented at all

levels, particularly in leadership roles.

Women and persons of color are being placed in charge of new programs to serve students of color, without adequate training in program implementation, or mid-management knowledge, or understanding organizational dynamics.



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