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What Is Autism?
Overview of Condition
Diagnosing Autism

Facts & Statistics
Facts (stats & trends) from the Autism Society of America

Common myths and misconceptions

*How is Autism treated?
*What treatments are available?
*Resources for treatment

Latinos & Autism:
A Family Story

Story of a Latino family and their struggle to understand autism in their new country
A Mother's Story
An inspiring story of a young single Latina mother & her first born son

image of doctor, mom and child

For you:

These are some very good resources for finding out more information on Autism :

Kyle’s tree house

Children with Autism

Autism Info

Kid Source

Café Mom

National Organizations:

Center for Disease Control


Autism Society for America

Autism Society for America EN ESPANOL

National Autistic Society

For information from the National Autistic Society in spanish see:

National Health Organization


Funding Information:

If you need help with medical bills or to obtain additional money to help with the cost of diagnosing and caring for your autistic child please check out these websites:

The Irlen Method- Check with your local Irlen clinic for information on scholarship opportunities.

Jacob's Ladder Scholarships are available to cover anywhere from 25 to 50% of the costs. Visit

The Miller Method- Scholarships of up to 50% of the cost are available to parents who meet the economic criteria. Visit

The Son-Rise Program- Scholarships are available to parents who meet the economic criteria. Visit
For Spanish see:

Support Groups & Sites:

These are some groups that provide support and information for parents of autistic children..

Autism Society of America
Greater Phoenix Chapter
P.O. Box 10543
Phoenix, AZ 85064-0543
For Spanish see:

Conference & Parent training

Ahead with Autism

CSA Autism Research

Autism Center

Autism Super Information Site

Autism & PDD Resource Network


For this website:

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Wiseman, Nancy D. Could it be autism? : a parent's guide to the first signs and next steps/ New York : Broadway Books, 2006.

Center for Disease Control .

Autism Society for America.

National Autistic Society.

National Health Organization.

Website provided by Bridges 4 Kids.

Kyle’s tree house.

A Mother's Story Provided by Sommer Mutter. Personal e-mail to S. Castillo on 29 April 2007.




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