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What Is Autism?
Overview of Condition
Diagnosing Autism

Facts & Statistics
Facts (stats & trends) from the Autism Society of America

*How is Autism treated?
*What treatments are available?
*Resources for treatment

A Mother's Story
An inspiring story of a young single Latina mother & her first born son

Latinos & Autism:
A Family Story
Story of a Latino family and their struggle to understand autism in their new country
Support Groups
National Organizations
For the website (images & stats)

These are just some of the misconceptions about Autism. Just as with any condition there are always exceptions. With autism just as with anything condition education is always the best idea.

Everything listed below are common myths - and they are exactly that: MYTHS

              • Autistic children cannot show affection
              • Autistic children do not speak
              • Autistic children cannot relate to others
              • You can identify an autistic person just by speaking with them
              • All autistics are similar to ‘Rain Man’
              • Autism is caused by bad parenting
              • Autistic people are dangerous
              • Autism cannot be helped
              • People with autism are similar to each other
              • Autistic people do not feel


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