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Stomach Illnesses: Leading to Diabetes in the Latino Community

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Stomach Illnesses have plagued all people at one point in their life, but the question I chose to pursue is:

At what point should we pay attention to stomach illnesses?

Research on Gallstone disease and obesity has led to be a major factor in determining the future health of Latinos. This research has found that gallbladder diseases at an early age is becoming more frequent amongst Latino Youth, but Latino children aren't born with deteriorating gallbladders, so the problem reaches further.

The connection is Obesity.

Obesity accounts for up to 33% of all gallstones observed in children.

Obesity is the #1 risk factor for Type 2 Diabetes.

This website contains information about possible symptoms and illnesses about Gallstones and related stomach illnesses. Further information about Diabetes in the Latino Community is provided in the website and will shed more light on this serious problem. Also, Helpful hints and ways to measure your personal health can assist you in creating healthier habits. To continue your pursuit to a healthier lifestyle, you can also check out websites, books and journals dedicated to Latino Health issues.


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