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These symptoms are according to the informational Mayo Clinic website and further detailed information can be found on there.

Obesity accounts for up to 33% of all gallstones observed in children

The main concern that I have chosen to study are the stomach illnesses that serve as a link between obesity and Type 2 Diabetes. Research has found that children who are more acculturated are at a higher risk of childhood diabetes.

It is important to know what happens when a child has too much sugar in their system:

Constant sugar and fats processed through the pancreas eventually wears down the pancreas until it is incapable of producing it's own insulin. A very relatable stomach condition that acts as a precursor to Type II Diabetes are gallstones. I've also collected other stomach symptoms for other stomach illnesses like diarrhea/ vomiting, constant indigestion and even sensitivity to certain foods. These are all signs that a change in diet could be necessary.

Symptoms for Gallstones:

1) Nausea or vomiting

2) Steady pain in upper middle to right abdomen

3) Chronic or ongoing indigestion

4) Yellowish color of skin

5) Fever, chills or difficulty breathing

Symptoms for Diarrhea:

Lower stomach cramping

Sudden urge to go to the restroom

Watery or runny stool


Cold sweat

Shortness of Breath

Loss of appetite

Constipation/ Diarrhea


That these symptoms are signs that indicate possible complications and anyone experiencing these symptoms should call their doctor.


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