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Breast Cancer in Women of Mexican Descent


Why are women of Mexican descent at high risk for breast cancer?

What are the risk factors?

How do traditional values and beliefs affect their use of prevention screening for breast cancer?

Why do so many women feel uncomfortable performing the BSE or having a medical checkup?

Why do so many women feel healthy?




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The purpose of this web site is to provide a literature review on research of women of Mexican descent's risk factors, cultural and traditional beliefs about breast cancer for health care professionals. The incidence rate of breast cancer in women of Mexican descent is low, however the mortality rate is high. The mortality rate is high because the beliefs of women of Mexican descent are placing them at higher risk for late stage diagnosis of breast cancer. The objective is to create a better understanding for health care professionals about how the beliefs of women of Mexican descent affect their likelihood of utilizing prevention techniques for breast cancer.


The National Cancer Institute provides information about breast cancer in Spanish.

The National Cancer of Institute conducted a study, Multimedia Breast Cancer Education Kiosks for Latinas, on low income and literacy Hispanic women about their access to good information about breast cancer.


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