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Battling the Baby Blues: A Survival Guide for Latinas

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When the "blues" won't go away: Postpartum Depression


Signs and Symptoms


Simple things you can do


When to see a doctor


When someone you love has the "baby blues" or PPD

Helpful Links (English and Spanish) and Sources


When someone you love has the "baby blues" or PPD


Some helpful tips for fathers, family and friends


There are many things spouses, partners, friends and family members can do to help. Here are a few (22):

  1. Offer support and encouragement: Your positive words and actions can help ease some of her suffering.

  2. Encourage her to talk about her feelings, and do not judge.

  3. Allow her to take time for herself: This can help a woman suffering from PPD feel more relaxed and better about herself.

  4. Help her cope by pitching in with babysitting or housecleaning.

  5. Offer reassurance and patience.

  6. Ask how you can help.

  7. Help her find support and medical help.

  8. Believe in her strength and her ability to recover.


Helpful Links (English and Spanish) and Sources


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