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The fight against obesity has no required age. Kids can help, too! There are a lot of ways that kids can avoid becoming overweight and obese. Here are some examples:

  • Get active! Enjoy the endless fun that can be had outdoors. Play sports like soccer and baseball, and games like tag where there's a lot of running. Being more active is the best way to prevent obesity.
  • Eat the green stuff. Eating fruits and vegetables will help to win the fight against obesity. Eating right will make you healthier, and health foods actually taste REALLY good. Give them a shot!
  • Turn off the TV. Studies show that kids who watch more TV are more likely to gain weight. Even though TV and video games are cool, there's way cooler stuff to do outside. Limit yourself to 2 hours of TV and video games a day, and you'll be doing your part to fight obesity.
  • Start walking. Put your feet to work. Walk to places that are close to home and safe, or ride your bike for a faster trip. It's an easy and really fun way to get around, and it is good for you.

These actions may not seem like the most fun, or the easiest things to do, but they are necessary in order to win the fight against obesity. Come on kids, do your part!

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