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Treatments of MRSA

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Prevention in the Latino Community

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In order to treat infections caused by MRSA, doctors have very few options left. The most common medicine used to treat MRSA is the antibiotic vancomycin that is given through an IV in the arm instead of in a pill. But there are already cases showing up in hospitals of kinds of MRSA that is also resistant to vancomycin. This means it is still able to infect the patient even while vancomycin is given through an IV.

Because of the danger that MRSA will eventually become resistant to ALL antibiotics, many doctors will 'drain' the pus from the wound until it becomes 'dry' instead of giving antibiotics. The pus of the wound is where the bacteria is and sometimes doctors will take the pus out over and over again until the wound is finally pus-free. This type of treatment cuts down on the bacteria being exposed to more antibiotics.(4)

The longer the bacteria is exposed to antibiotics, the more chances it has to mutate and become resistant to different medicines. So if we can avoid this, the bacteria will not be able to become resistant to vancomycin and other stronger antibiotics also.(5)

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