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Causes of MRSA

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Prevention in the Latino Community

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MRSA is caused by a certain kind of bacteria that does not die when treated with antibiotics. That means that if someone develops an infection, it is going to be very hard to fix it. There are a few reasons that this kind of bacteria developed the ability to live even when treated with antibiotics. These are:

1. The overuse of antibiotics in humans

Many times, doctors give people antibiotics for colds or other sicknesses caused by viruses that will not be killed by antibiotics. This exposes the bacteria to that antibiotic and gives them a chance to become resistant. (5)

2. Antibiotics used in animals

For a while, it has been thought that putting antibiotics in the food for animals that we eat can prevent disease in humans. When we do this it just exposes the bacteria to more antibiotics and gives them more chances to become resistant to that antibiotic.(5)

3. Mutations that occur in the bacteria

Mutations occur within the genes of bacteria randomly. Sometimes a mutation turns out to be good for the bacteria and help it survive (like in the presence of antibiotics) and this gene will be passed on to other bacteria. This is the reason that antibiotic resistance occurs. (5)


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