Poetic Economies of Performance

Curated by Elizabeth-Jane Burnett


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Elizabeth-Jane Burnett
Poetic Economies in Performance: An Introduction (HTML | PDF)

The Poetic Economy: Anne Waldman in conversation with Elizabeth-Jane Burnett, Naropa University, “temporary autonomous zone”, July 2007 (HTML | PDF)

Anne Waldman
excerpt from Iovis III:Colors in the Mechanism of Concealment (in progress) (HTML | PDF)

The Poetic Gift Gestural Economy: Elizabeth-Jane Burnett in conversation with Kristin Prevallet London to Brooklyn, September 2007 (HTML | PDF)

Kristin Prevallet
Cruelty and Conquest (HTML | PDF)

Kristin Prevallet
From the poem to the per[form]ance of “Cruelty and Conquest” (HTML | PDF)

A Kristin Prevallet Bibliography

An Ann Waldman Bibliography