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Vol. I, No. 8 Fall 2002

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Playing Bodies
Francie Shaw
Playing Bodies

Mendi Lewis Obadike, keeping up appearances, a hypertextimonial

Francie Shaw and Bob Perelman, Playing Bodies

= new writing =

Southern Perils: Women Experimental Poets of the South

Co-ordinated by Camille Martin

Andy Young
Brigitte Byrd
Camille Martin
Catherine Kasper
Cheryl Pallant
Dana Lisa Petersen
Evie Shockley
Genevieve Lee
Heidi Peppermint
Jessica Freeman
Joy Lahey


Co-ordinated by Kimberly Lamm

Interview with Eileen Myles by Kimberly Lamm

Eileen Myles, “Flowers,” “Rosie's Poem”

Kimberly Lamm, “‘One Lighting the Other, Seductively’: James Schuyler, Eileen Myles, and the Sexuality of Literary Influence”


Short commentaries on recent writing by:

Pam Brown, “Cassie Lewis's High Country

Frances Presley, A Folio for Fanny Howe”

Rusty Morrison, “Valerie Coulton's Passing World Pictures

Arielle Greenberg, “Three Recent Books from Omnidawn”

Jeanne Heuving, “Life Studies of a Different Ilk: Hinge, A BOAS Anthology

Renata Morresi on “We Who Love to Be Astonished”

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-- recent publications

up dates

-- news and announcements 

How(ever) Archive [1983-1992], and How2, vols. 1-6.

new writing . o O

Textual Reflexions

Co-ordinated by Redell Olsen

Andrea Brady, “Parrots”

Gwynne Garfinkle, “After Sappho”

Judith Goldman, “Losing”

Deborah Harland, “I Solations”

Susan Johanknecht, “Modern (Laundry) Production”

Sophie Levy, “The Echo Foxtrot”

Kristin Prevallet, “Merge”

Rosanne Wasserman, “Boustrophedon”

Kristin Prevallet
from “Merge”


“‘Memoire/Anti-Memoire’: New York City Women Writers Recall September 11, 2001”

Co-ordinated by Laura Hinton

Laura Hinton, Introduction

Suheir Hammad, “First Writing Since”

Jamie Callan, “Locating the Pain”

Linsey Abrams, “The New Century”

Laura Hinton, “The Hole I Cannot See: Smoke and Fragments in New York City”

Ann Lauterbach, “What is a Day?”

Daniela Gioseffi, “September 11th, Meagan's Birthday”

Jane Augustine, “History”

Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, “Safety”


Rachel Blau DuPlessis's Drafts 1-38, Toll: A Roundtable

Chris Tysh, “Gloss on ‘Fosse, Draft XXX’

Harriet Tarlo, “‘Origami Foldits’: Rachel Blau DuPlessis's Drafts 1-38, Toll

Libbie Rifkin, “Little Words and Redemptive Criticism: Some Points on Drafts


Lola Ridge

Co-ordinated by Catherine Daly

Catherine Daly, “Scanning Lola Ridge”

Catherine Daly,Verses (1905)”

Renee Angle,The Ghetto and Other Poems (1918)”

Lorraine Graham,Sun-Up and Other Poems (1920)”

Julia Lisella,Firehead (1929)”

Catherine Daly,Dance of Fire (1935)”


Truth While Climbing the Stairs”: A Rosmarie Waldrop Feature

Edited and Introduced by Kornelia Freitag

Joan Retallack and Rosmarie Waldrop, “A Conversation”

Kimberly Lamm, “Gender in a Minor Key: Rosmarie Waldrop's A Key into the Language of America

Deborah Meadows, “Rosmarie Waldrop and the Poetics of Embodied Philosophy”

Linda Russo, “Poetics of Inflection: Rosmarie Waldrop and The Reproduction of Profiles

Marjorie Perloff, “‘A Small Periplus along an Edge’: Rosmarie Waldrop's Auto-Graphs”

Brian Reed, “‘Splice of Life: Rosmarie Waldrop Renews Collage

Susan Vanderborg, “A Tale of Two Keys: Rosmarie Waldrop's Poetics of the Book”

Bobbi Lurie, “Meditation on Certainty”

Jennifer Moxley, “A Personal Reminiscence Chronicling the First Documented Case of ‘The Waldrop Effect’”


H.D. and Translation

Auxeméry, “La Chambre Noire”

Auxeméry, “Camera oscura,” trans. by Rachel Blau DuPlessis

Marina Camboni, “Living Between Two Languages”

With email from:

Sawako Nakayasu, Barbara Guest, Susan Friedman, Edward Butscher, Tatiana Petrovich Njegosh


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