New Writing

New Writing: Textual Reflexions
Co-ordinated by Redell Olsen

Intro: Reflexion: a turning, bending or folding aside, back, or downwards: folding upon itself: rebound: change of direction when an electro magnetic wave or soundwaves strikes on a surface and is thrown back: reflected light, colour, heat, etc.: an image in a mirror (production of) a mirror image of a line or figure (by reflecting it in an axis of symmetry): the action of the mind by which it is conscious of its own operations: a thought or utterance resulting from contemplation: censure or reproach. 

Bio: Redell Olsen has recently completed a doctoral thesis entitled: “Scriptovisualities: Contemporary Women Writers and the Visual Arts.” She teaches at the University of London on the MA in Poetic Practice and at Dartington College of Arts in Devon. Her publications include Book of the Insect and Book of the Fur (Cambridge: Rem press, 2000). More recent work has appeared in Parataxis and Shark.

Andrea Brady, “Parrots”

Gwynne Garfinkle, “After Sappho”

Judith Goldman, “Losing”

Deborah Harland, “I Solations”

Susan Johanknecht, “Modern (Laundry) Production”

Sophie Levy, “The Echo Foxtrot”

Kristin Prevallet, “Merge”

Rosanne Wasserman, “Boustrophedon”

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