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Vol. I, No. 2 September, 1999

Misfittings of the Text

by Jo Ann Ugolini
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editor's notes &


Guest editor, Ann Vickery, introductory remarks with writing by:

Myung Mi Kim, "ANACRUSIS"
Lynn Keller &
   Cristanne Miller,
Gender & Avant Garde Editing

Pamela Lu, "Idiom: A Story of Anti-Production"
Robin Tremblay-McGaw, Mina Harker, by Dodie Bellamy
Kathleen Fraser, "The Uncontainable"
Frances Presley, "The Grace of Being Common" on Denise Riley
Marianne DeKoven, On Gertrude Stein
Carla Harryman, "Women's Writing: A Bit of Hybrid Thinking on Contingent Hierarchies and Reception"
Harryette Mullen, "Not Struck Dumb"
& exceprt from OREO by Fran Ross

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Introductory remarks, with writing by:
Eleni Sikelianos,
and a dialogue between Sikelianos &
Jo Ann Wasserman



Hazel Smith

"Secret Places " / mixed genre with audio track

new writing . o O

Guest editor, Eléna Rivera introductory remarks with writing by:

Barbara Guest
Carol Snow
Marjorie Welish
Beth Anderson
Denise Newman
Jennifer Martenson
Denise Liddell Lawson
Elizabeth Willis
Dale Going
Candace Pirnak
Laura Moriarty
Alison Bundy
Jena Osman

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Introductory remarks, with writing by:

Cynthia Hogue, "H.D. Reading Party, 1999, Cornwall"
Sarah Anne Cox
& Elizabeth Treadwell, Marcella Durand's City of Ports and Noemi Maxwell's Thrum
Jeanne Heuving, "Anarchism and the 'unreal self': Laura (Riding) Jackson and Kathy Acker" an excerpt
Marina Camboni, "Dora Marsdon, Ezra Pound, H.D. and 'The Art of the Future' "
Jo Ann Wasserman, On Brenda Coultas' A Summer Newsreel
Kathy Lou Schultz, "Talking Trash, Talking Class: What's a Working Class Poetic, and Where Would I Find One?"

FROM the Barnard Conference 4/10/99

Linda Russo, "Barnard Notes or I Can't Believe the Difference is Spreading"
Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Excerpt from "Comment on Marjorie Perloff: After Language Poetry: Innovation and its Theoretical Discontents"

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Guest editors, Kathy Lou Schultz &
Robin Tremblay-McGaw

Class & Innovative Writing

Bobbie West
Dodie Bellamy
Will Alexander
David Zauhar
Jeffrey Jullich
Catherine Rankovic
Chris Tysh
Camille Roy
Kornelia Freitag
Robert Gluck

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Translation Coordinator, Cole Swenson

Poetry by Ayane Kawata, translated by Malinda Markham

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With writing by:

Lisa Docherty
Carla Harryman
Elizabeth Costello
Alicia Ostriker
Carolyn Burke
Michele Leggott
Jeanne Heuving
Linda Russo
Kathleen Fraser
Carla Harryman
Marcella Durand

Post(ed) -- recommended publications

Quotes sent in by readers

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in' print -- books received and noted
up date -- news and announcements

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