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Introductory Remarks about this section:

Investigation of the poetics/politics of intentionality may be considered as a significant element of this section, as well as questions of canon formation, public access, the reviewing process, etc. These writings may be original or reprinted (by permission), and will include conference papers relevant to the HOW2 project. Reflections on the poem-making process are encouraged, as well as more formal essays. The guest editor for this issue is Ann Vickery (see bio below). Guest editor for H2/n3 to be announced.

Ann Vickery -- Guest Editor
Ann Vickery is a Research Fellow at Macquarie University. She is currently working on a project on Australian women poets, modernism, and sexuality. She has written a number of articles on Australian and American innovative poetry and poetics. Her book, presenting a feminist genealogy of Language writing, will be published by Wesleyan University Press next year.

Myung Mi Kim
"Anacrusis" (from Page Mothers conference)

Lynn Keller & Cristanne Miller
Gender and Avant-Garde Editing: Comparing the 1920s with the 1990s (a collaborative talk from the Page Mothers conference)

Pamela Lu
"Idiom: A Story of Anti-Production" (from Page Mothers conference)

Robin Tremblay-McGaw
Class, Gender, Genre: A Culture Bomb, The Letters of Mina Harker by Dodie Bellamy

Kathleen Fraser
"The Uncontainable" (from new essay collection)

Frances Presley
"The Grace of Being Common" on Denise Riley

Marianne DeKoven
"Why James Joyce Was Accepted and I Was Not"

Carla Harryman
"Women's Writing: A Bit of Hybrid Thinking on Contingent Hierarchies and Reception" (from Page Mothers conference)

Harryette Mullen
"Not Struck Dumb but Logodaedalyly Phonofounded: The Vernacular Heteroglossaries of Fran Ross's OREO" (from Page Mothers conference) & an excerpt from OREO

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