HOW2New Writing Virginia Woolf

Introductory Remarks about this section:
Poems in their exploratory, innovative and hybrid nature are of particular interest, as well as blurred genre forms that include visual, narrative and dramatic elements of fiction and dialogue. Each contribution in this section includes a "Working Note" briefly describing the writing process of the project attempted. A revolving guest editor will invite contributions and select from proposals for the issue she edits. Guest editor for this issue is Eléna Rivera (see bio below). Guest editor for H2/n3 will be Kim Lyons <>

Eléna Rivera -- Guest Editor
Eléna Rivera's most recent chapbooks are Wale; or, the Corse (Leave Books, 1995), The Wait; for Homerís Penelope (EM Press, 1994), and two artists books, Her Hand (1996) and A Botanistís Dream (1996). She won the first prize in the 1998 Stand Magazine International Poetry Competition, and was a poet-in-residence at the Djerassi Foundation in California in 1996. She currently lives in New York City.


Barbara Guest
from Rocks on a Platter

Carol Snow
"News Of" and "News Of: Codicils"

Marjorie Welish

Beth Anderson
"An accusation abetted," "Yonder dry dry grasses," "A deed of title," and "The royal we"

Denise Newman
"Disaster Services"

Jennifer Martenson
"Gene Expression," "Structure of Detachment," "Postcard from Aphasia," "Half-life," and "Cast"

Denise Liddell Lawson
"Wakefulness," and "desire (comma) leviathan"

Elizabeth Willis
eight untitled sonnets

Dale Going
"Then She Rose, Without Even Keeping Her Finger In Her Book"

Candace Pirnak
"a narrative," and "from themselves"

Laura Moriarty
from Nude Memoir

Alison Bundy
from "The Child's Tale"

Jena Osman
from Court Reports

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