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Breast Self Exam
Autoexamen del Seno
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Breast Self Exam

Check both breasts once a month 7 days after the start of your period (or if you do not have a period, check on the same date each month).

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Stand in Front of a Mirror

Look for changes in your breasts standing straight with arms at you side, arms overhead; and hands pushing on hips. You should check for changes in the way your breasts look and feel. Feel for lumps and look for skin or nipple changes such as:

nude woman standing, hands on hips
  • skin dimpling
  • skin redness
  • skin puckering
  • skin thickening
  • leaking nipple
  • scaling nipple

nude woman laying, one arm up

Lay Down

Put your right hand under your head. With the pads of your 3 middle fingers on your left hand held together, make small circles on your right breast using three pressures; light, medium, and deep to feel for lumps. Use the vertical pattern covering the area shown in the picture to the right. Repeat on your left breast.

woman performing breast self-exam

If you see or feel any changes, or have questions, call your medical provider right away.

For early detection of breast cancer, a monthly breast self exam along with an annual clinical breast exam and a mammogram is your best protection!

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To get more information on breast self-examinations visit the American Cancer Society or .

To view a clip on how to perform a breast self examination visit the Komen Foundation.

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Arizona Department of Health Services in cooperation with the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.



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