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WHO - The Principles of Effectiveness are applicable to any nonprofit organization. All nonprofit organizations are encouraged to participate in the Principles of Effectiveness for Nonprofit Organizations program.
  • Rural and urban
  • Small or large
  • Representing all causes
  • Organizations at all stages of development
  • Volunteer and paid staff organizations

WHY - An increasing number of today's nonprofit leaders, including executives and boards of directors, are seeking guidance regarding effective practices in nonprofit operation, management and leadership. In concert with community leaders, the ASI Lodestar Center for Philanthropy & Nonprofit Innovation, in response to this need, created the Principles of Effectiveness for Nonprofit Organizations.

The Principles Program's intended impact is to empower nonprofit organizations to assess their strengths and weaknesses, and to advance along the continuum of organizational effectiveness.


  • Increased public trust in your organization
  • Enhanced donor confidence
  • Focused energy with staff and board towards greater effectiveness
  • Potential to leverage participation in the program to seek funding for professional development training and technical assistance
  • Recognition of your aspirations towards greater effectiveness

WHAT - The Principles of Effectiveness for Nonprofit Organizations program is a tool that helps nonprofits assess their organization's strengths and weaknesses and create a plan to address what training they need.

This process essentially affords nonprofits the opportunity to find what weaknesses exist in a reassuring environment, and a roadmap that leads to a more effective nonprofit organization. It's simply building the capacity of organizations through self-examination.

The Principles of Effectiveness are focused around the following ten areas

  1. Vision, Mission & Values
  2. Board Leadership & Governance
  3. Strategic Planning
  4. Program Design & Evaluation
  5. Fund & Resource Development
  6. Human Resource Management
  7. Financial Management
  8. Knowledge & Operational Management
  9. External Relations PR & Communications

HOW - The two steps in the Principles of Effectiveness for Nonprofit Organizations program are:

  1. Completion of the self-assessment tool to determine in which of the 10 module areas your organization is strong in or in need of strengthening.
  2. Self determination of training and technical assistance needs; a list of local and national resources for training and technical assistance is provided.
  3. Contact the Center with any questions or Register Now

    Arizona State University
    Mail code 4120
    411 N. Central Ave, Suite 500
    Phoenix, AZ 85004-0691

    (602) 496-0500 MAIN
    (602) 496-0952 FAX

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