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Nanoionics defined

Applications of nanoionics

Structure and Function of CANi

Funding and Success Metrics

The foundation and administration budget of the Center has been met via institutional (Proposition 301) funds. The research work will be funded by the grants and contracts of the individual researchers. Larger block grants, including multiple university and industry/consortia-supported efforts coordinated by the Center, will be sought after in the coming years. The return on investment in CANi will be assessed using the Morrison Institute’s “CAT measures” as detailed below. These will be tracked carefully and included in the Center’s annual report.

Connections – networks of researchers, entrepreneurs, VCs for knowledge generation and transfer and economic development.

  • Specific metrics: Grants (private and public), research consortia, multi-institution coauthors, licenses and royalties.

Attention – notice generated by research and networks that attracts businesses, private investment, and skilled workers.

  • Specific metrics: Publications, citations, visiting researchers, rankings (national and international)

Talent – top scientists, students, and skilled workers that help to stimulate research, innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic growth

  • Specific metrics: Numbers of faculty, post-doctoral researchers, graduate students, salaries for graduates, honors

Biomolecular Integrated Circuits(CBIC)

Computational Nanoscience

Applied Nanoionics