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The connection of molecules, and biological entities to electronic circuits promises to revolutionize the area of integrated bio-electronics. The major focus of this center will be on chemical and biological systems integrated within semiconductor platforms. The goal is to enhance existing circuit technologies (e.g. CMOS, BiCMOS, GaAs etc) with new chemical and biological functionality by using widely adopted microelectronics and MEMS fabrication techniques. The Center for Biomolecular Integrated Circuits (CBIC) will have a natural connection to the Centers within the BioDesign Institute as well as to other center activities at ASU (for example Arizona Applied NanoSensors). During the first 12 months, CBIC shall hire a Research Assistant Professor who will take the lead in writing multi-PI proposals with the goal of building new programs. Initially CBIC will work with a core group of faculty to leverage existing work in related fields. A first priority will be to build upon our successful DARPA funded MOLDICE program to go after NIH and DOE funding. As programs develop we shall work with affiliated faculty to broaden the activity into the areas of nanomedicine.



Biomolecular Integrated Circuits(CBIC)

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