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The Center for Computational Nanoscience (CCN) brings together the faculty across campus who are currently involved in modeling and simulation. Computation has been called the third paradigm of science, after theory and experiment and this center brings national visibility a wide range in the kinds of computations researchers do at ASU. Device design is a critical factor in nanoelectronics, where quantum- mechanical effects are the most important. Computational materials must be coupled directly for nanostructures with heterogeneous and dimensionally constrained materials. Novel devices and prediction of device performance is an unique strength of this center. Also, several of its members are known as developers of formalism and methodology in the area of electronic structure, which control the fundamental properties of devices. Faculties are drawn from the Department of Electrical Engineering (Akis, Ferry, Goodnick, Lai, Saraniti, Vasileska) Department of Physics (Rez, Sankey, Schmidt, Shumway) Department of Mathematics and Statistics (Gardner, Ringhofer) and the School of Materials (Adams, Friesen), and Chemistry (Chizmeshya, Haussermann, Matyushov, Mujica, Seo, van der Vaart).