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The connection of molecules and biological entities to electronic circuits promises to revolutionize the area of integrated bio-electronics. The major focus of the Center for Biomolecular Integrated Circuits (CBIC) is chemical and biological systems integrated within semiconductor platforms. The goal is to enhance existing circuit technologies (e.g. CMOS, BiCMOS, GaAs etc) with new chemical and biological functionality by using widely adopted microelectronics and MEMS fabrication techniques. This engineered interface between biology and nanoelectronics will lead to advances that are both fundamental, e.g. increased understanding of cell function, as well as applied, e.g. sensors with high sensitivity and low rates of false alarms. The faculty, staff and students associated with CBIC come for a broad range of disciplines and share a passion for combining advanced engineering with biology and the life sciences to advance the fields of nanomedicine, biosensors and molecular electronics.