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Director: Prof. Michael N. Kozicki

Members of the Center


Dr. Michael N. Kozicki
480 965 2572

Program Manager


Administrative Support

Jody Seeling
Voice - 480 965 9572

Advisory Board

Prof. Michael N. Kozicki
Chair, Director of the Center for Applied Nanoionics,
Arizona State University

Dr. Alexei A. Andreev
Executive Vice President/Managing Director,
Harris and Harris Group Inc.

Prof. David Drabold
Edwin and Ruth Kennedy Distinguished Professor of Physics,
Ohio University Debra Murphy,
Manager for Research Compliance, Arizona State University

Cindy Pillote
Patent Attorney, Snell & Wilmer

Prof. John M. Robertson,
Professor in the College of Science and Technology,
ASU Polytechnic

Research Fellow

Hee-Seok Kim, Samsung Electronics Co.

Affiliated Research Assistants

Sunil Baliga

Deepak Kamalanathan
Minghan Ren
Jon Liao

Jonathan Perrone (College of Education)

Christina Schindler (Juelich)

Sarath Chandran Puthen Thermadam

Wencheng Xu

Yong Yang

Affiliated undergraduates

Wilson Cheung

Roman Fuentes

William Guo

Susan Kubinski

Quan Le

Anthony Luby

Nicholas Presnell

Subramaniam Shankar

Derek Wallace