Top 5 in research expenditures

One of the fastest-growing research institutions in the nation

ASU ranks in the top 5 in research expenditures for universities without a medical school, offering students opportunities to conduct research for agencies such as NASA, Mayo Clinic and the National Science Foundation during their college experience.

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The ASU difference:

We are measured not by whom we exclude, but by whom we include and how they succeed

— Excerpt from ASU charter

Experience world-class academics

As a comprehensive public research university, ASU is committed to providing excellence in education through the Academic Enterprise, and enables the success of each unique student and increases access to higher education for all.

Discovery and innovation that serves the public

As ASU focuses on research and discovery of public value, the Knowledge Enterprise advances research, innovation, strategic partnerships, entrepreneurship, technology transfer and international development.

Serving all learners at every stage of life

Assuming fundamental responsibility for the communities it serves, ASU's Learning Enterprise aims to serve all learners at every stage of life by providing high quality, accessible and affordable learning opportunities to everyone.

Carve your path

At Arizona State University, you'll join a community that will help you explore your interests and learn new skills. Through quality academics, enrichment opportunities and support from friends and faculty, you'll graduate prepared to accomplish your goals throughout your life. Find the experience that fits you.

Stories of excellence

ASU ranked No. 1 public university chosen by international students

Offering a welcoming and supportive community for students from 157 countries has helped ASU remain the No. 1 public university chosen by international students.

At the forefront of medical device manufacturing

A federal grant is enabling ASU to become a leader in medical device manufacturing, as a creator and facilitator of device production.

ASU ranks No. 2 in the U.S. for students committing to Teach For America

Graduates from the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College are joining Teach For America to share their teaching skills in under-resourced public schools for at least two years.

Top 5 in the U.S. for turning research into impact

The ASU community continues expanding its research, ranking among the top five research institutions without a medical school for inventions, patents, patent deals and startups.

Answering big questions about our future in space

A series of pilot projects originating at ASU aim to answer big questions regarding our future endeavors in outer space by leveraging a proven method to accelerate the speed and impact of research.

A hub of courses for training in the microelectronics industry

ASU’s Microelectronics Workforce Development Hub lists more than 70 courses available to a range of learners to support the flourishing field of microelectronics.

Reimagining education for everyone

New programs for all ages

Ambition, curiosity, creativity and passion don't fit in any one box. No matter who you are or how you learn, ASU is ready to serve learners at every stage of life. ASU for You is the first step in a larger movement — a movement that's breaking down education barriers and building up high quality, affordable and accessible learning opportunities for everyone, from K-12 to midcareer to postretirement and every individual in between.