Hessus, Helius Eobanus


Saluberrima bonae valetudinis tuendae praecepta Eobani Hessi. . .: elegiaco carmine ad imitationem Galeni conscripta, novisq.

Commentariis a Petro Hassaedo. . .illustrata. . . Francofordiae: Apud Haeredes Christiani Egenolphi, 1568. "Themata, quod doctrina de sanitate tuenda studiosis literarum valde utilis. . .sit, & in quibus rebus sanitatis tutela consistat. Joan. Placoto[mo] [auctore]": leaves 61r-[63v]. Bound with Regimen sanitatis Salernitanum. Conservandae bonae valetudinis praecepta. Franc.: Apud Haeredes Chr. Egen., 1559.

This medical poem by Hessus includes a very detailed commentary by Hassaedo.  Each word or phrase from the poem which is to be commented on appears in italics, followed by Hassaedo's explanation.  Sometimes the commentary identifies the name of a person within the poem and other times it describes the particular medical information.  Printed margin notes and references help guide the reader.  The work concludes with a list of the thirty themes on which this doctrine of health is based.

Subjects: Health; Medicine.


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