Hessus, Helius Eobanus


De tuenda bona valetudine.

Libellus Eobani Hessi; commentariis doctissimis à Joanne Placotomo . . .accesserunt & alia nonnulla lectu non indigna quae versa pagina indicabit. Franc. Apud Haered. Chr. Egen., 1564. First published in 1524 under title: Bonae valetudinis conservandae pracepta. Partial contents: De tuenda da bona valetudine, libellus Eobani Hessi; De natura et viribus cerevisiarum et mulsarum, [Johann Placotomus]; Medicinae encomion ex D. Erasmo Roterodamo, per Eobanum Hessum versu redditum; Strabi. . .Hortulus amoenissimus; Coena Baptistae Fierae Mantuani. With Regimen sanitatis Salenitanum. Conservandae sanitatis praecepta saluberrima.

This work makes use of medical poems as well as questions and answers to help the reader understand its subject matter.  There is also a medical eulogy to Erasmus, as well as a chorus of illustrius medics, including Apollo, Hippocrates, Galenus, Dioscorides, Plinius, and Macer.  This is followed by a chorus of the muses, including Clio, Terpsichore, Erato, and Calliope.  The work concludes with a variety of other poems on subjects as diverse as the signs of the zodiac, sleep, plants, and dirt.  There is an index at the end of the work.

Subjects: Botany; Medicine; Beer.


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