Rea, John

d. 1681

Flora, seu, De florum cultura, or A Complete Florilege: Furnished with All Requisites Belonging to a Florist, in III. Books.

Baltimore: London: Printed by J. G. for Richard Marriott, 1665. "Ceres, the second book": p. 175-199; "Pomona, the third book" (with separate t.p.): p. 203-239. References: Wing (2nd ed.) 421; Hunt 301 (variant). ASU copy imperfect: leaf B1 and 5 of the plates wanting.

Rea writes this work in order to add new discoveries not covered in other works.  The work is arranged in three parts.  The first gives directions for "how to make, plant, preserv, and keep both Fruit and Flower-Gardens, furnished with the choicest Plants, Flowers, and Fruits, that will endure the extremity of our long Winters."  The second part discusses "such Plants and Flowers as are yearly, or every other year, raised from Seeds, with directions for the Sowing, tranplanting, and disposing each of them."  Rea justifies the limited number of illustrations in this work by saying that they are "good for nothing, unless to raise the Price of the Book."  Furthermore, Rea comments negatively on the use of illustrations by Parkinson, saying that if "his Flowers appear no fairer on their stalks in the Garden, than they do on the leaves of his Book, few Ladies would be in love with them, much more than they are with his lovely Picture."  This work does include an alphabetical table at the end.

Subjects: Floriculture; Gardening; Fruit culture.


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