Preston, Ralph

The Modern English Fruit-Gardener and Practical Wall-Tree Pruner: Explaining the improved methods of propagating, raising, planting, pruning, and training all sorts of fruit- trees, and for walls, espaliers, and standards, with the art of forcing early fruits in hot-walls, peach-houses, vineries, &c.

London: Printed for John Fielding, 1785.

Ralph Preston, gardener at Chelsea, wrote this popular fruit culture book, which is illustrated with designs for hot-walls and forcing-houses.  Preston writes this work because nothing exists which covers the subject in sufficient detail.  His work "is not founded upon theory or verbal information, but on real and practical experiments."  Preston begins with general information about fruit trees, including propagation, grafting, and budding.  Then particular information is given for specific types of fruit trees, such as plum, cherry, almond, and fig.  Raising fruit early by artificial heat is covered, as are in-depth discussions of various methods for grafting, raising, and training fruit trees.  Standards are also given for various types of fruit trees.

Subjects: Fruit culture; Forcing plants--England.


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