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Stroke- Information Everyone Should Know

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This site was created to present the basic information about stroke that you should know. It will give you a better understanding of what stroke is, what you see when someone has or has had a stroke, what the treatment for stroke is, how to prevent it and avoid risk, the amount of time it takes to recover from a stroke, and links to other sources with more information.

In our body the blood transports oxygen and food to the brain to keep it alive. When parts of the brain receive too much or too little blood, it is considered a stroke. A stroke can leave a person unable to walk, talk, see, hear, cause them to lose their memory, or even death. A stroke could make it nearly impossible for a person to take care of themselves.

Therefore, it is very important that you know how to recognize a stroke when it happens, and know what to do. Latinos are more likely to suffer a stroke at younger ages. That is why it is important to inform yourself about the issues of stroke.

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This site was created by Jason Trulson in fulfillment of requirements for the course CSS 335: Latino Health Issues taught by Dr. Szkupinski Quiroga at Arizona State University, Spring 2007.