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Prevention and Risk

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Prevention and Risk

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Risk factors are what will increase or decrease your chance of having a stroke. There are two different types of risk factors, those you can control and those you can not control. The risk factors you can not control are family history of stroke, a personal history of stroke,and gender (men are more likely to suffer from stroke than women).

The risk factors that can be controlled are proper diet, regular exercise, not smoking, and not using drugs. Exercising and eating healthy reduce the risk of stroke, as with not smoking or using other drugs.

It is important to try and prevent stroke before it happens. Latinos are more likely to have poorer quality prevention, and that is why it is important to learn what you can do. By knowing what risk factors increase your chance of stroke, you can try to take preventative measures to reduce your risk: avoid smoke from cigarettes, get on an exercise plan, and try to eat healthy.


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