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Meal Planning

How Do We Choose Meal Plans?

In choosing meals, it is best to follow the older pyramid of what is important (see right column) As listed the most important foods lie towards the bottom of the pyramid and those which are less important or lead to higher risk are near the top. It is more important to each vegetables and fruits, then it is to eat meats and fatty foods.

There are several ways to plan meals and the most common is the food pyramid. But you can also use other means as well. The American Diabetes Association has a website with a Virtual Grocery Store, which talks more about meal planning and is available to you here.

I would also like to offer you their website's recipe collection which include common recipes which have been slightly changed to reflect healthier eating. It is available on their website and you can link to it here.

For More Information, please read on at the American Diabetes Association Website.

Top of Pyramid: Fats, Oils and Sweets
3rd Leg of Pyramid: Milk3rd Leg of Pyramid: Meat, Meat Substitutes and Other Protiens
2nd Leg of Pyramid: Vegetables2nd Leg of Pyramid: Fruits
Bottom of pyramid : Breads, Grains and Other StarchesPyramid available at American Diabetes Association Website


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