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What are my options if I have prostate cancer?

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What is Prostate Cancer?
What Causes Prostate Cancer?

How Can I detect if I have Prostate Cancer?

What are the stages of Prostate Cancer?

What are my options if I have Prostate Cancer?

When should I go see the Doctor?

What should I expect when I visit the Doctor for a Prostate Cancer Screening?
Latinos and Prostate Cancer
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There are multiple treatment options that are dependent upon the stage of the cancer and other factors such as age and overall health.

Treatment options include:

Observing the condition with no treatment.

  • No treatment is done for the cancer
  • It is carefully watched by the doctor to make sure that the condition does not become worse.
  • This is most likely to be used for men who are of advanced age or have other serious medical conditions.
  • Also likely to be used for cancer that has not spread from the prostate gland.


  • Removes the entire prostate gland along with some of the surrounding tissue
  • Used for cases that have not spread from the prostate gland

Radiation Therapy

  • Use of radiation to kill the cancer
  • Can use external or internal radiation

Hormone therapy

  • Used to stop the growth of the cancer cells

There are many other treatments that you should discuss with your doctor.


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