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Poetry & Poetics Centres

British Electronic Poetry Centre

Electronic Poetry Center at SUNY Buffalo (US)

North-American Centre for Interdisciplinary Poetics

New Zealand Electronic Poetry Centre (NZ)

Small Press Traffic (US)

St Mark's Poetry Project (US)

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Sound /Performance Resources

Archive of the Now (UK)


Naropa Archive


Slought Foundation

Stem Recordings

Ubu (US)
Concrete and sound poetry archive

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Reading Series / Creative Communities

Cambridge Series Poetry Readings

Cyber Fem


FACES: Gender/Technology/Art

The Feminist Art Project


Guerrilla Girls

Here Comes Everybody: Writers on Writing


Old Boys Network

Openned (London, UK)

Templates for Activism

Titanic Operas (US)
Devoted to contemporary poetic responses to Emily Dickinson

trAce On-line Writing Community (UK)

Women House

Women Make Movies

Women Studio Workshop

Writers Forum (UK)

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Women's Poetry Listserv

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Conferences / Festivals

Ars Electronica

Cambridge Conference of Contemporary Poetry Archive (UK)


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Blogs & Other Online Projects

Abigail Child

Arras and Free Space Comix (US)

Book Thug

Performing Objects (Carla Harryman)

Fiona Templeton

Dark Mucus (Frances Kruk)

Itch Away (John Sparrow)

Kate Fagan

Laura Hinton

Lisa Jarnot

Maggie O'Sullivan

Majena Mafe

Marianne Morris

Micawberesque (Susanna Gardener)

Miranda July

Oceanographer of O (Elizabeth James)

Open bracket (Ceri Buck) (Kai Fierle Hedrick)

The Deletions (Pam Brown)

Secret Mint: an exposition (Elizabeth Treadwell)

Smudgy Like On Television (Sophie Robinson) (Kristen Kreider & James O'Leary)

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Journals & Magazines

Aerial Magazine (US)

The Argotist Online (UK)

Audible Word

Chain (US)

Dreaming Methods


Intercapillary Space

Jacket (Australia)

Lipstick 11 (US)


Narrativity (US)

Onedit Magazine (UK)

Open Letter (Canada)

Open Letter
102 Oak Street
ON, Canada



Potes and Poets Press (US)

Potion Magazine (US)


Rain Taxi (US)

Shark (US)

Tarpaulin Sky (US)

* also a press

The Gig (Canada)

Tinfish (Pacific Rim)

Verdure (US)

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Apogee Press (US)

Arehouse (UK)

Atelos (US)

a+bend Press (US)

Bad Press (UK)

Barque Press (UK)

Burning Deck

Dusie Press

Edge Books (US)

Equipage Press (UK)

c/o Rod Mengham
Jesus College Cambridge CB5 8BL

Factorial Press (US)

Flood Editions (US)

Futurepoem Books

Granary Books (US)

Kelsey St. Press (US)

Kenning Editions

O Books (US)

Object Permanence

Paper Tiger Media (Australia)

Parataxis (UK)

Reality Street Editions (UK)

RemPress (UK)

Salt Publishing (Australia/UK)

Singing Horse Press

SPD Books (US)
Small Press Distributions

Spinifex Press (Australia)

Subpress Collective (US)

Talisman Press (US)

Tender Buttons Press (US)

Tuumba Press (US)

Wesleyan University Press (US)

Vagabond Press (Australia)

c/o PO Box 80, Newtown NSW 2042

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Other Resources

The Women's Library

Cybergraphia: Teaching Poetics For Today's World

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