Susan Gevirtz

Susan Gevirtz will publish two essays this Spring: "Wanderyahre: The Poetics and Politics of Travel in Dorothy Richardson's Pilgrimage," in Praxis, Rutgers University, and "Some Ship thing Who Sang (even human voices), in the foreground, space and a lake."--a poetic reading of feminist science fiction; a science fictive reading of feminist poetry--in Proceedings of the Barnard Conference Journal.

Working Notes, Susan Gevirtz:

This piece began as a vigil on aphonia. It became an investigation into my uses of differing modes of speech or writing for various 'appropriate' circumstances. Appropriateness equals sets of rules--in this case, directions in the phone book that show how to help 'choking victims,' most of whom happen to be women. I became fascinated with the depictions of women in instructional and procedural writings--seemingly neutral but in metaphor and image erotic-sadistic. What are the politics of resuscitation? How do I choke myself in ways that I have been choked?

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