Emily Critchley

Sense of Falling



Dear America

Domestic Performance





Having made art out of
artifice her unwillingly
took on what to veneer.

The error resonance
fully. In that talk, ob-
SERVANT fragments

Took on veneer soundly
now that our unequal roles ~
equivalent status.

How assigned her
chances were pre-required.
She wanted the 'flow' of

things ~ he shunned sharp folds.
They ask the same
questions ~ one answers
luck, the other belongs

She noticed necessity ~
he more amassed, had a firmer

Your grips like your
limits are
worse than
faults ~ she

How unwilling restricts
what we were ~ how
by chance. Each addition



going like knowing
alongside shifts & the
flux of revised

What makes a pre-
programmed veneer
the settled

What chance to unfold
in the middle
some terror undressed
/ unspecified.


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Dear America


That courage sliding toward uncertain luck will (it) must have (been) taken. Not achievement, but a sort of (ill)defined rejection of normal positions. Don't push it, I have nothing but a used-up humour, (zero) expectancy. If you find yourself (here) again I will have torched it (then). As some girl explained, we all have extreme delusions. You're (not) the only one to have thought (of), but most of us reckon with the layers (of) placing, society's sedimentation and a world without those (seems) terrifying vacant? Such an extreme journey as you (must) have (had) leaves glowing but futile. No wonder the fog and (the) oil skies and carves you (up) now. It will do worse as time (collects). Or, even those vagaries don't have to be (destructive) widowed. Relational aspects are what (most) people value (most), not the scorn of emptying the world around them (via niceties). That history you've mistaken for (a) gaudy entrance, welcoming into the fold(s) deviants. Patched up by stone, plied as with marble well who else, (but) everyone figured (on). While how (you) long fucking the skies your elation's turned all of it (similar) on but with TV and eyes & is twisted.


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