Emily Critchley

When I Say I Believe Women...



The work here, from my collection When I say I believe women…, is centred on the kind of feminism that, surrounded by male competitors / friends, still refuses to be compromised or outdone in ethical, social or artistic terms. It rejects gratuitous self-promotion as a major cause of skin-loss & instead challenges the word at the expense of the line, to the suspicion of the phrase, at the beck & call of the sign. The collection's inspired by and dedicated to Leslie Scalapino, Kathleen Fraser and Rosmarie Waldrop - the best kind of writers.


Enter When I Say I Believe Women... (PDF)

Enter Sense of Falling:

Dear America
Domestic Performance (PDF)


Emily Critchley came to be in Athens, and is now in Cambridge where regular writing, painting, teaching & yoga distracts her from a PhD in contemporary American women's experimental poetry. She has two collections of verse: The Dirt Glitch Land Alter Affair & How to make Millions with Arehouse press, & more work online at www.dusie.org & http://intercapillaryspace.blogspot.com. A badpress edition of I just want you to know that we can still be friends is (apparently) imminent. Critchley has been anthologised in in blossoms atop reeds it flares 2006 & Plantarchy 2. She is into women & personal freedom in a big way. In 2004-5 she attended the Women’s Writing Seminar and Workshop series at Bedford Square, Royal Holloway, University of London on a regular basis.

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