Find Me

by Kate Gallon

Working Note:

The Internet is often regarded as a vehicle by which readers can be exposed the maximum amount of information and data with the minimum amount of time and effort. With Find Me, I have tried to make a piece which writes against this convention. Hidden links and trips, multiple routes and malleable juxtapositions work to produce a text which is specific to each reader and each reading. Find Me is a text that engages the material properties of digital media and seeks to utilise a reader’s experience of operating the text as part of the emerging story. Progression through the piece is therefore as dependant on the reader’s acknowledgement of the navigation systems in and around the screen as it is on interpreting a narrative through the words that appear on each page.

Enter: Find Me

Kate Gallon lives and works in London where she pursues an interdisciplinary approach to writing and performance. She has held U.K performance writing residencies in London and Manchester. Her work has been performed on the London, Edinburgh and Berlin Fringe. Current projects include ‘Reminiscence’ - a collaboration with composers for Rubato Theatre- due to be performed in London in Summer 2005, and a durational print work based on Waterloo Bridge.

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