Vol. 2 Issue 3
Spring 2005

Strange Loops of the Infinite

Revisiting Nicole Brossard:
Québécois Feminist Subjectivity in the 21st Century

coordinated by Jodi Lundgren and Kelly-Anne Maddox

Nicole Brossard, Ecrivaine

Nicole Brossard, Auther

Kate Eichhorn,To Revisit: A Transitive Verb? A babel translation of Nicole Brossard’s Journal Intime + commentary

Nicole Brossard, Susan Rudy, Anne-Marie Wheeler, “words looking for another possibility”: Dialogue sur la traduction à propos d'”Écrivaine”

Ghislaine Boulanger, A Feigned Essentialism in Nicole Brossard’s Work

Jodi Lundgren, “A Girl in Combat in the City of Men”: The Civic, Resistant, Ontological Woman in the Work of Nicole Brossard

Maureen E. Ruprecht Fadem, “bringing me into the world”: Brossard’s Lovhers and the Domain of Linguistic Survival

Nancy Gillespie, Before and after écriture au féminin: Uncanny Gothic connections in Nicole Brossard’s These Our Mothers Or: The Disintegrating Chapter, and Mauve Desert

translations . o O

Contemporary Japanese Poetry

coordinated by Sawako Nakayasu

portrait of Akiko Fujiwara

Akiko Fujiwara, translated by Malinda Markham

Koike Masayo, translated by Hiroaki Sato

Kyong-Mi Park, translated by Sawako Nakayasu

Hirata Toshiko, translated by Hiroaki Sato

Hinako Abe, translated by Jeffrey Angles

Yoko Isaka, translated by Eric Selland and Sawako Nakayasu

Takarabe Toriko, translated by Hiroaki Sato

in conference (

'Landing Sites': Papers from the Contemporary Writing Environments Conference, Brunel University, July 2004

Andrea Brady  Note on the Contemporary Writing Environments Conference

Christina Makris  The Mapping of Meaning in Madeline Gins’ and Arakawa’s Architectural Body

Robert Stanton  “Hard to say where / this occurs”: Domestic and Social Space and the Space of Writing in Rae Armantrout’s Work

Isabel Haarhaus  ‘Migrant Poetics’ in New Zealand Literature: Janet Frame and Riemke Ensing Unsettle the Settlers

Alicia Cohen  “Nature is a Haunted House—but Art—a House that tries to be Haunted”: Los Angeles, Trauma, and Orphic Anxiety in the Work of Jack Spicer


new media

'Opposites Live Together'

coordinated by Redell Olsen

from marble to pixels

snapshot of from marble to pixels by Influenza

Influenza, from marble to pixels

Ceridwen Buckmaster, A Sentence in France

Kate Gallon, Find Me

Emanuelle Waeckerle, VINST

Brigid Mc Leer, In Place of the Page

= new writing =

‘The Upside-Down Door’: 14 Poets

Featuring work by:

Jane Sprague
Jenn McCreary
Rachel Moritz
Corinne Lee
Anne Blonstein
Laura Sims
Julia Cohen
Carol Ciavonne
Nicole Mauro
Marianne Morris
Laura Solomon
Claire Barbetti
Jennifer Bartlett
Wendy S. Walters

work/book + ^

Joan Jonas

Joan Jonas, An Improvisation, at Queens Museum of Art, New York, 2004 (photo by Jaishri Abichandani)

Joan Jonas, Susan Howe & Jeanne Heuving, An Exchange

Joel Bettridge, A Conversation with Juliana Spahr


coordinated by Lauren Shufran and Alli Warren


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With email from:

Susan Schultz, Joyelle McSweeney, Alice Jones, Victoria Brown, Louise Crabtree, Zacharee Schomburg, Isabel Haarhaus, Ann Vickery, Cassie Lewis, Mark Leahy, Jane Sprague…

Barbara Guest Memory Bank Postcard

a gathering of brief memoirs and BG poems (selected by her readers) to honor the life and writing of Barbara Guest 1920-2006

Modern Singapore Poetry

coordinated by
Grace Chia

Featuring work by:

Edlyn Ang
Grace Chia
Wendy Gan
Bridget-Rose Lee
Madeleine Lee
Kristina Tom

Alice Duer Miller

Alice Duer Miller

coordinated by
Catherine Daly

Mary Chapman  Magpie Habits: Alice Duer Miller’s Suffrage Poetry and the Poetics of Quotation

Rebecca Stelzer  “The White Cliffs”: Literature and War in the Days of Radio


Short commentaries on recent and notable publications

Julia Bloch on Rosmarie Waldrop’s Love, Like Pronouns

Alicia Cohen on Jeanne Heuving’s Incapacity

Sarah Anne Cox on Yedda Morrison’s Crop

Shira Dentz  on Julie Carr’s MEAD An Epithalamion and Evelyn Reilly's Hiatus

Jean Mills, Violence into Speech—Lessons from the Home Front in Virginia Woolf’s Three Guineas

Sina Queyras, Lines Composed Indoors While Contemplating the Weather: on Lisa Robertson’s The Weather

Oriel Winslow, Linda A. Kinnahan's Lyric Interventions

Mairéad Byrne, Open Field: 30 Contemporary Canadian Poets


Papertiger # 4

On Hannah Weiner’s Early and Clairvoyant Journals

Put on Your Red Shoes and Dance in PaperTiger Volume #4

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^editor's note ^

Strange Loops of the Infinite,
by Kate Fagan

“Strange loops of the infinite” is a curious and elegant phrase. It originates in ‘Écrivaine’ by Nicole Brossard and appears in this issue’s critical feature on Brossard’s work... [continued]

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