Publications by Maggie O'Sullivan


Concerning Spheres (Bristol: Broken Ground, 1982).
An Incomplete Natural History (London: Writers Forum, 1984).
A Natural History in 3 Incomplete Parts (London: Magenta, 1985).
Un-Assuming Personas (London: Writers Forum, 1985).
Divisions of Labour (Newcastle Upon Tyne: Galloping Dog, 1986).
From the Handbook of That & Furriery (London: Writers Forum, 1986).
States of Emergency (Oxford: ICPA, 1987).
Unofficial Word (Newcastle Upon Tyne: Galloping Dog, 1988).
In the House of the Shaman† (London: Reality Street, 1993).
Ellenís Lament (Toronto: PUSHYbroadsides, 1993).
that bread should be (London: RWC, 1996).
etruscan reader III (Buckfastleigh, Devon: etruscan books, 1997).
red shifts (Buckfastleigh, Devon: etruscan books, 2001).
Palace of Reptiles (Ontario: The Gig, 2003).
ďall origins are lonelyĒ (London: Veer Books, 2003).
eXcLa with Bruce Andrews (London: Writers Forum, 1993).

Out of Everywhere:Linguistically Innovative Poetry By Women In North America and The UK (London: Reality Street, 1996).


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