Maggie O'Sullivan

murmur1 began in February 1999. It currently runs to 70 A4 size pages and continues my preoccupation with mappings, verbal installation, visual breathing, demonstrated most notably in red shifts,2 an 8 inch square colour book, commissioned from etruscan Books (2001).

In July 2003 I improvised a brief performance of some pages from murmur at the Writers Forum Experimental Workshop in London. I spilled the ringbinder containing all the A4 pages of the work on to the floor and invited other members of the workshop to participate in a response to the murmur layerings of leaves spread at our feet.

Cleaving/scale/sculpting the voicing body/heart/soul, the visual multi-dimensional, multi-sentient MATTERings of what? how? breath? are driving necessities in murmur.

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1. Maggie O’Sullivan, murmur, unpublished manuscript.

2. Maggie O’Sullivan, red shifts (Buckfastleigh,Devon: etruscan books, 2001).




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