“all origins are lonely”

Maggie O'Sullivan

all origins are lonely” is a 10 page work published (to coincide with my 6TH November Birkbeck College reading) in a signed limited edition of 40.1 This work is dedicated to Arakawa/Gins: the title of my piece – or what I regard as ‘my few featherying pulses'  is taken from Birds Chapter XX1 in Helen Keller or Arakawa, a work I shall never recover from, and a work I keep returning to again and again, for its extraordinary, sustaining, imaginative intelligence and beauty.2

all origins are lonely” pays homage to Arakawa/Gins whose passionate, visionary, uncompromising, visual and architectural collaborative projects cry out for radical, widening wakefulnesses in perception.

              December 2003

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1. Maggie O'Sullivan, “all origins are lonely”, (London: Contemporary Poetics Research Centre, Birkbeck College, University of London, Veer Books, 2003). (Contact for details).

2. Madeline Gins, Helen Keller or Arakawa, (Santa-Fe and New York, Burning Books with East-West Cultural Studies, 1994).


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