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Vol. 2, No. 1 Spring 2003

The signal of a breaking point

translations . o O

Contemporary innovative Italian poetry

Coordinated by Sawako Nakayasu

Amelia Rosselli
Paola Turroni
Giulia Niccolai
Silvia Bortoli
Anna Ruchat
Milli Graffi
Anna Maria Carpi

in conference (

Papers from the October 2002 Modernist Studies Association Conference, University of Wisconsin

Coordinated by Kathleen Fraser

Resisting Type: the practice of double identity

Kathleen Fraser, Resisting Type

Marjorie Welish, What's Black and White and Read All Over?

Carla Harryman, The Ear of the Poet in the Mouth of the Performer

Fanny Howe, Au Hasard

Carla Harryman
“The Ear of the Poet in the Mouth of the Performer”

Networking Women: Subjects, Places, Links Europe-America,

Marina Camboni, Networking Women: Toward a Rewriting of Cutural History

Diana Collecott, ‘Another Bloomsbury’: Women's Networks in Literary London during World War One

Gigliola Sacerdoti Mariani, “Those men and women / Brave, setting up signals across vast distances”

Renata Morresi, Networking Women: an Instance

= new writing =

Coordinated by Pam Brown

Featuring work by

Amanda Stewart
Barbara Brooks
Geraldine McKenzie
Gillian Conoley
Heather Bowlan
Laura Hinton
Rachel Blau DuPlessis
Rachel Loden
Shira Dentz
Virginia Coventry

Virginia Coventry
“soundings #12”

Inappropriated Others

Coordinated by Jeanne Heuving

“The writers in this section actively take on the position of a lover besotted by a beloved. And, in each piece, the writers transgress those lover and beloved relations that serve to underwrite existing social orders...”

Kevin Killian, Kylie Minogue and the Ignorance of the West

Dodie Bellamy, Fat Chance

Christine Stewart , St. Augustine

^editor's note ^

In “Drafts 44: Stretto,” Rachel Blau DuPlessis writes of a disparity between experience and perception while sounding a call to poetry's material capacities: “Thought is frightened / for it can't think anywhere near the size of what has happened / to bring is forth and set it rolling out.” She continues her exploration of poetical responses and responsibilities by invoking... [continued]

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How(ever) Archive [1983-1992], and How2, Vol. 1 No. 1-8.


Special feature on American modernist Genevieve Taggard (1894-1948)

Coordinated by Julia Lisella

Julia Lisella, Genevieve Taggard As a Rediscovered Modernist: Some Introductory Comments and The Work of Lyric Discourse in a Long Poem by Genevieve Taggard

Catherine Daly, You Can't Prove a Negative: Continuing to Scan and Reviews of For Eager Lovers and Hawaiian Hilltop

Nancy Berke, Lines that Come with Age: American Women Poets and the Challenge of Midlife: An Excerpt

Alison J. Van Nyhuis, The Genevieve Taggard Effect: Producing Poetic Narratives and Literary Misfits


Short commentaries on recent publications

Frances Presley on Noctivagations by Geraldine Monk

Anne Jamison on Rossetti in Woolf and Pound

Laura Hinton on American Women Poets in the 21st Century eds. Claudia Rankine and Juliana Spahr

Geraldine McKenzie on Architectural Body by Madeline Gins and Arakawa

Brian Teare on We Who Love to Be Astonished eds. Laura Hinton and Cynthia Hogue

Jane Sprague on Given by Arielle Greenberg

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Meredith Quartermain, Hazel Smith, Phoebe Stein Davis, Sara Holliday, Jenny Penberthy, Andrea Baker, Sawako Nakayasu, Kristen Hanlon, Dee Morris, Steve Dickison, Phil Usher

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