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Coordinated by Kathleen Fraser

Papers from the 2002 Modernist Studies Association Conference


From Carla Harryman, ‘The Ear of the Poet in the Mouth of the Performer’

Kathleen Fraser: “I invited three writers to investigate their relationships to related questions of travel among artistic disciplines and to explore what impact that detour or expansion has had on each of their working lives as writer-artists. How does one genre activity feed and question an/other? What may be the unsettling effects and reconfigurations of risk, lure and problem-solving for the writer whose genre-identity has been constructed around reliable materials and working procedures, but who later discovers the need to jump—or divide—into new artistic territory/s as a practitioner?”

Marina Camboni: “Our project Networking Women: Subjects, Places, Links Europe-America, 1890-1939. Towards a Rewriting of Cultural History is yet another stream contributing to the widespread and extensive re-visioning of modernism, and of turn of the nineteenth and early twentieth cultural history, that has been going on for some time in almost all fields. The Modernist Studies Association is certainly an outcome of this re-visionist temper. Taking form at the turn of the twentieth centruy, Networking Women was also our way of reactivating a dialogue with women who, like us, lived in a transitional time and whose experiences we felt could be of use for present as well as for future times.”

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