by Mary Flanagan

BIO: Mary Flanagan ( is a media maker and software designer interested in the intersection of art, technology and gender study.  An award winning feminist media developer and artist, Flanagan has exhibited her work globally at such venues as the Central Fine Arts Gallery (New York), Altérités: Interdisciplinarité & Pratiques “Féminines” de L’Espace (Paris France), and the Whitney 2002 Biennial (New York).

In her work she is interested in time, memory, narrative, and spatiality in virtual space and women’s relationships to that space. She is particularly interested in web-based forms because of the web’s accessibility and networked nature. The work can loosely be described as digitally-influenced methodologies and artifacts at the intersection of art, science, gender, and popular culture where inquiry into areas of convergence dominates the secondary material or non-material elements of the work. Flanagan utilizes virtual technologies, networks, physical spaces/objects, artifacts of popular culture, writing, and collaborative technology-driven systems as materials and methods by which to explore these boundary zones, involving both intellectual hypotheses and the commonplace as locations and manifestations of socio-technological phenomenon.

Flanagan’s essays on digital art, culture, and games have appeared in periodicals such as Art Journal, Wide Angle, Convergence, and Culture Machine, and her co-edited book Reload: Rethinking Women in Cyberculture, is forthcoming from MIT press in 2002. She is Associate Professor of Multimedia Design at the University of Oregon. Some of her work can be found at

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