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Working Note: Please refer to "An Heuristic Prolusion" in the "Reading/s" section of issue 5 of HOW2 for a statement of how this prolusion came into being.


From Pen Chants or nth or 12 spirit-like impermanences

(New York: Roof, 2000)

underburden the

art of each

as he had now, no

so much so

Brunello, Tiagnello, Sassicaia…,

Traviata…sung through

unbroken carpet-vines

form a common breathing passage

around the route of the

river taxis

recently scorched vineyards

who has misled the earth

enclosed in my bones?


to distort thought

I will send more leaves

posed as birds

so spoke the            omniana

whose mountains     sop love

all else temblor


we followed and luffed

in our ultralights



io! io!

below, a series of honorific umbrellas

and may another accept

a parish visit to a bunker

a heavily armed Mass

nuptual parades that resemble fights


in terrorem

in loco parentis

in media res

in puck-lit wheat

tears of things

crushed of all genius!

a glue upon my

kundalinis, in cold mischief

I insculpt

the gasp of individual perception


toe over a leaf

this is our salt

salt language

the carrying skin

I leave to another pen


A note lit on my shoe

or the impress of monotony

when not calm of heroism


what ````` says, is also yours..

early will I ululate

this Esso night

share the alley



o sovereign ostrich, muzzled raven…

to qualify wine and waves

bind all birds

in simple snake-fury

open  the catacoustic forest


that there alone, incults

my quietist camel-father

during his samadhis

girdled by lililess hills,

epi, turps, sud.

Within parting…kiss us


The destination of all sung poetry

organs of walking

uncoffer lakelight, schoon

people at their most innocent

what final urge

is not met by

ritualised fainting

embodiment of seizure

gravid habit and fear.

Yma Sumac, on that scarp

ebbist…. nimbi kneeling

o soil,

what mouth-torch?


elliptical hand

in mock hand

draw close to me

belly-bitten grasses,


my fallen twin whose

fork  lies incused in my hair


my rowan, as much the rose

unlisted meanings of space,

mix-witness  riant

shade  and activity


yet I will not


dispeopling simulacrums,

social furniture…,

fuck puny fiction, pornocracy,

and pandit classes,

I emptied my purse

and inserted a gnat

o godmother

I am mostly silence…     distaff

but it is not so

as I have heard from ````

that  blindfolding  eliminates stress…


But up!

Let us finish each others songs

for whom shall I

suppose my country does not blush for me

who will serve as food   for truces

what relaxation lies

behind cosmoses

we lutes,  enceinte


in despairs of peacetime

untied from

malevolence of misrecognition


parents of craving…,

lock our  stutters

à rebours,

runners carry a

burning  leaf a

fence of  legs

from what  homes

they were torn

absent us from ..


empathy industry,

buy-backs for

our holy instant:

black with civilizade

or tethered in poses

of execution


evolve transeunt light semé

of candles on  their   graves

give to them the

mystery  of




for ghosted sex

what stimuli

stand we

snashed upon

privacy and desire,

else pulled back

deft wombs,

furbished    a tutti



vis mortua



of a forest razor

secret stings of

welcoming and escorting


But in a journey

which I made

hurried forward

battling against a breeze

which caught both the wis

teria and skirts of her kimono

crickets, wasp and praying mantis

carry flowers and a small cage

a secluded fisherwoman

trailing her foot in the water..

partook, in suss-chordal


the samurai’s desire

to adopt a  child


o, thoughtic sleeves,

enclued side-swipes..

moteting gyro-vague and

part-time wooer..  kyriist,

fib-snout and booze-bonding

perfecto-distingo at San Marco..,

do not rescind space

pangless between atoms..

but at the shadow of

species and ideas

for the love of

the covering animal


people thought they got hurt..

here too.. spark-over

that cohesion of prey..

pled Soutine


alivo vie and deepy   day-depth

diggable abacists

hear their Gnossiennes and

infigurable critiques

rising from within

detach them from

light astonishment



where on,

unvarying and sandalled, yet

.. philharmonic,

euphuist and  canyon wren

embraced them closely in..,

the tatami room fell silent

as snowblink

to kineticize..


merit of having 

conquered the depths

devolved upon Magdalen

someone twirls around her

on skates

experimenting with air-beams

her hair is flirting with her neck a bit


BIO: Lissa Wolsak is the author of the long poems THE GARCIA FAMILY CO-MERCY, Tsunami (1994), and PEN CHANTS or nth or 12 spirit-like Impermanences, Roof Books (1999). She works as a metalsmith in Vancouver, British Columbia.


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