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Vol. I, No. 6 Fall 2001


from Sprung Monuments

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Co-ordinated by
Kornelia Freitag &
Brian Reed

Pam Brown
David Colón
Arpine Grenier
Adeena Karasick
Nicole Markotic
Joan Retallack
Hazel Smith

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Christine Stewart
Meredith Quartermain
Susan Clark
Lissa Wolsak
Kathryn Macleod

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Jo Ann Wasserman

Patricia Dienstfrey, “Love and Illustration”

Brian Kim Stefans “The Truth About Me” an interview with Kim Rosenfield

Kim Rosenfield, “Verbali”


With email from:
Toni Maraini, Anne Dewey, Robin Anderson, Megan Adams, Susan Gevitz, Cynthia Hogue, Anne Waldman, John Paul Lederach, Elisabeth Frost, Jo Ann Wasserman, Renata Morresi, Ann Vickery, Kornelia Freitag, Linda Russo, Arielle Greenberg, Hilda Bronstein, Camille Roy, Mendi Lewis Obadike, Marieke Gaboury, and Elizabeth Robinson

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Sawako Nakayasu translating Ito Hiromi

Rosa Alcalá translating Lourdes Vázquez

Louis Armand & Clare Wallace translating Véronique Vassiliou

Co-ordinated by
Michele Leggott
& Ann Vickery

Robin Hyde “Exquisite Bond”

Robin Hyde, Excerpt from The Book of Nadath

Robin Hyde, “The Flying-Off Place”

“Stumblers in the hinterlands”: Robin Hyde's letters to Eileen Duggan with editorial note by Lisa Docherty

Lisa Docherty, “ ‘Do I Speak Well?’: The Letters of Robin Hyde”

Patrick Sandbrook, introduction to The Godwits Fly

Michele Leggott, “Opening the Archive: Robin Hyde, Eileen Duggan and the Persistence of Record”

Mary Paul, “Robin Hyde: A Political Reading”

Co-ordinated by

Kimberly Lamm

Kimberly Lamm, Kristin Prevallet, and Melissa Buzzeo, “Inquiries: A Conversation on Lyn Hejinian's The Language of Inquiry

Susan Gevirtz, “ ‘Ruth’ in Mars

Norma Cole “For Susan Gevitz's CAESAREA: Herod's City

Kate Fagan “ ‘A work of acknowledgement,’ a poetics of Happily

Michael Eng “Among Murderers and Madmen– Ingeborg Bachmann, Fascism, and the Experience of Writing”

Kimberly Lamm, “The Clarity of Fanny Howe's Doubt

Susan M. Schultz “The Stutter in the Text: Editing and Historical Authority in the Work of Susan Howe”

Dell Olsen, Interview with Joan Retallack

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Short commentaries on recent writing by:

Logan Esdale on Calyx

Susan M. Schultz on Ann Lauterbach's Selected Poems

Rod Mengham on Jennifer Moxley's Imagination Verses

MTC Cronin on JS Harry's Sun Shadow, Moon Shadow

Arielle Greenberg on Linda Russo's Secret Silent Plan

Bob Perelman on Jo & Drew Milne's Pianola

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new writing . o O


Frances Presley and Elizabeth James, “Neither the One Nor the Other”

Lyn Hejinian and Emilie Clark, “The Lake”

Susan Bee and Charles Bernstein, Sprung Monuments

Sheila Murphy and Charles Alexander, “Prayer, Rupture, Dwelling”

Rena Rosenwasser on “Kelsey Street Press's Collaboration Series”

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from "The Lake"


Oxford Brookes Colloquium: The Politics of Presence: Re-reading the Writing Subject in “Live” and Electronic Performance, Theatre and Film Poetry

Organized by Romana Huk

in-Conference selection
co-ordinated Romana Huk and Hilda Bronstein

Romana Huk , Introduction

Caroline Bergvall, “Piece in Progress: About Face (Goan Atom, 2)”

Tyrus Miller, The Poetics of “What is the Case”: Péter Forgács Wittgenstein Tractatus and the Documentary Fact

Joan Retallack, “Writers-Readers-Performers: Partners in Crime”

Dell Olsen, “Degrees of Liveness, Live and Electronic Subjects: Leslie Scalapino, Fiona Templeton, and Carla Harryman”

Alex Goody, “‘The Subject of Hypertextural Poetry: Performing Susan Howe”

Robert Sheppard, “The Performing and the Performed: Performance Writing and Performative Reading”



Co-ordinated by
Anya Lewin

Positions in Space/Instants in Time by Odilia Jarman

“The X,Y, Z of It” by Melody Sumner Carnahan, Joan La Barbara, Robert Ashley, and Michael Sumner

The X,Y,Z of It

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