“as lit x: the syntax of adoration”

by Susan Clark


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Bio: Susan Clark edits Raddle Moon with contributing editors Nicole Brossard, Norma Cole, Erin Mouré and Lisa Robertson, and scout, Catriona Strang.

Another form of this essay, first given as a talk at the Kootenay School of Writing in Vancouver, May 2000, will appear as Documents in Poetics 2 (April, 2001).

She is the author of: Believing in the World: a reference work (Vancouver: Tsunami Editions, 1987); Suck Glow (Leech Books, Vancouver, forthcoming); Mutability Lyrics (chapbook ms.); Theatre of the New World of the Time (book ms.); Tied to a post: an essay in abstraction; and Bad Infinity.

She has work in recent issues of The Gig, West Coast Line, and W, and work forthcoming on the Alterran Poetry Assemblage. She has made installations, a video collaboration, and a number of handmade book/installation pieces. She works in Vancouver and electronically as a book editor, copy editor, indexer and typesetter.

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